Doug Jones casted in The Forbidden Kingdom

Doug Jones as Gabriel

“Hollywood Star Doug Jones Joins Forces with 233 Studios to Voice Enigmatic Character in ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’”

Tampa, Florida -233 Studios, a dynamic independent animation studio known for its innovative
fusion of Western and Eastern storytelling, is thrilled to reveal a significant milestone in its
creative journey. Renowned actor Doug Jones has been officially announced as the voice behind
the captivating character Gabriel in the upcoming feature-length animation, “The Forbidden
“The Forbidden Kingdom” marks a pinnacle in 233 Studios’ creative endeavors, bringing together
an enchanting fusion of Western and Eastern storytelling concepts. As a studio dedicated to
crafting compelling narratives through animation, 233 Studios embarked on this journey over
two years ago, and with its commitment to delivering innovative and inspiring stories to the
American market, the studio has garnered attention for its unique content and distinct artistic
Gabriel, an angelic figure central to “The Forbidden Kingdom,” is a character of profound depth
and significance within the narrative. Doug Jones, known for his exceptional talent in bringing
characters to life through his roles in various films and television series, has been selected to lend
his distinctive voice to this remarkable character. The studio firmly believes that Doug Jones’
involvement will elevate the character’s essence and add a new layer of enchantment to the
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The Forbidden Kingdom promises to be an enchanting and visually stunning animation, merging
manga and Western storytelling elements. Through their dedication to innovation and
captivating storytelling, 233 Studios aims to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact on
the animation industry.
About 233 Studios:
233 Studios is an independent animation studio based in Tampa, Florida. With a passion for
storytelling, the studio creates captivating narratives that blend Western and Eastern storytelling
elements, offering audiences a fresh and immersive experience. To learn more, please visit

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