Expert Tips on Finding the Perfect Diamond Ring Size


Purchasing your Rare Carat diamond ring online at Rarecarat Wedding-rings is an amazing experience, as the company has left nothing to chance, and now the client has access to ring sizers with printable versions. This ensures that finding the right ring size is not left to guesswork, and when your wedding ring arrives it will fit your finger perfectly.

Finding the Right Ring Size

Tips on finding the right ring size. Our fingers can sometimes vary in size from day to day, often due to slight hormonal fluid retention, so there must be a bit of room in the ring. Fortunately, Rare Carat has taken a scientific approach with a complimentary ring sizer so it is best to use it to avoid error.

Directions for Use of Ring Sizers with Printable Version

·        Print the sizer

·        Wrap it around the finger

·        firmly through the slot and check the size marked.

·        Use a string to wrap it snuggly around the finger marking where the end is.

·        Or use the ring sizer by fitting an existing ring into one of the sizes.

The last method is the simplest, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your measurement is exact. After this, the rest of the order is simple to follow, and if you live in the USA or Canada. The ring will be delivered to you between 5 to 7 working days.

GIA Diamond Color Chart

Another useful tool for selecting the color of the diamond is the GIA Diamond Color Chart. The color of the diamond determines its value, and diamonds are graded on the 4 Cs.

·        Color

·        Cut

·        Clarity

·        Carat Weight

The Rare Carat color chart is a way for graders to inform you of the amount of color in your diamond. It helps the customer to decide which diamond is of the highest quality

A colorless diamond is extremely rare and valuable, and when viewed by an expert under controlled lighting a D-F Colorless grading may be given. At Rare Carat, a Diamond Grading Report will be given for your diamond whether it is a natural stone or a lab-grown diamond. Google Business and Trust Pilot rate Rare Carat at 4.9/5 for all diamonds sold, and having the GIA certification is part of this.

The GIA Diamond Color chart only applies to white diamonds. You may not have known that diamonds come in different colors, and colored diamonds have different grading systems.

Ring Size with Printable Version

Once you have accurately measured your ring size, go to the Rare Carat comparison tab and check out the different prices of natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. This is interesting as the two are exactly the same chemical composition but the price difference is huge. One of the advantages of purchasing a lab-grown diamond is that you will get a much larger diamond for the same price. Many brides and grooms are choosing lab-grown diamonds simply because they are eco-friendly and more sustainable. Diamonds are nearly pure carbon, so to make them in the lab is still expensive, but not as expensive as mining.


The two stones natural and lab-grown look the same to the naked eye. It usually takes a trained Gemologist to discern the difference. When you are on the Rare Carat website

you will have the opportunity to speak to the Gemologist and ask questions about the diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds do contain some inclusions found in the growing solution. Non-diamond carbon inclusions can include a slightly blue tinge from the mineral boron, and once the stone is set it can only be seen in certain lights.

Some lab-grown diamonds have a yellowish tint and once the post-growth treatment is carried out, the final color of the diamond is set and won’t change. The grading report lists post-growth treatment on the reports for both GIA and IGI under the comments section. Because the process is open and transparent, you know exactly what you are purchasing Rare Carat is the largest retailer of wholesale diamonds and the best place to choose your diamond ring.


Finding the perfect diamond ring is so easy now. Once you have the right size it is a good idea to choose your wedding bands at the same time, so that all the rings arrive together, and your partner can practice putting the band on your finger in a rehearsal for the wedding day without dropping them!

Originally posted 2023-05-13 20:51:38.