“How to make an Impact” is the next topic on The Crossman Conversation

“How to Make an Impact” Is the Next Topic on The Crossman Conversation Saturday Oct. 7

WINTER PARK — Business leader John Crossman, CCIM CRX host of weekly podcast, The Crossman Conversation, will join his radio colleague Mike Gilland, operations manager of Marc Radio, Saturday, Oct. 7 in a conversation about how to make an impact.

Gilland, well-known radio personality, voiceover artist, musician and pastor, has been John’s listener and commentator, since launching The Crossman Conversation 18 months ago as a platform for leaders and activists who are making an impact in communities across the nation.

“This week Mike and I are going to discuss what we’ve gleaned to be the tools needed to “make an impact,” said Crossman, who has hosted many prominent and widely accomplished individuals having a positive influence on their team, or in their community, while still maintaining their own successful careers.

“We’ve had powerful conversations with business leaders, political and religious leaders who are also just regular folks, but passionate about making an impact somewhere,” Crossman said

The Crossman Conversation podcast with Crossman and Gilland can be heard starting this Saturday Oct. 7 at 1:05 p.m. and on-demand at https://www.theshepherdradio.com/podcasts/the-crossman-conversation/

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