Representative Fiona McFarland Receives 2023 FAV Summit Leadership & Innovation Award

From left to right: Jeff Brandes, Founder of the Florida Policy Project, State Representative Fiona McFarland, and Greg Slater, THEA Executive Director & CEO.

Tampa, Fla. (September 12th, 2023) – Fiona McFarland serves in the Florida House of Representatives, representing District 73, and today was awarded the 2023 Florida Automated Vehicles (FAV) Summit Leadership & Innovation Award. McFarland was recognized for her contribution to the future of Florida’s autonomous vehicles policy.

Originally elected to the House of Representatives in 2020, then again reelected in 2022, McFarland has served on a number of committees. Currently, she is the chair of the Transportation & Modals Subcommittee and is a representative of the Infrastructure Strategies Committee, Civil Justice Subcommittee, Energy, Communications & Cybersecurity Subcommittee, and the Regulatory Reform & Economic Development Subcommittee.

Since assuming office, McFarland has proven to be a proactive legislator. Under her leadership on the Transportation & Modals Subcommittee, she remains focused on innovation and bringing technology to Florida. McFarland’s passion, innovation, and unwavering dedication serve as an inspiration. With her eager vision for the future and a commitment to driving transformative change, she is a clear representation of this award.

“Fiona McFarland’s tireless efforts and thoughtful leadership in the Florida House of Representatives have propelled us towards a more innovative and tech-forward transportation landscape. This award not only honors her accomplishments but also reinforces the importance of collaborative and forward-thinking minds in driving our state’s progress. Congratulations, Fiona, on this remarkable achievement,” said Jeff Brandes, President, Florida Policy Project and FAV Founder.

“What an honor to receive the 2023 Florida Automated Vehicles Summit Leadership & Innovation Award. This award is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of all those working with me for a safer, smarter, and more connected future. Together, we will ensure Floridians are the first to benefit from the coming age of autonomous vehicles,” said State Representative Fiona McFarland.

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Originally posted 2023-09-12 21:47:31.