Intruders Among Us: Discovering Humane Removal Options

Numerous animals find a warm welcome in our homes these days, dogs, cats, and hamsters being just a few. Yet, some opportunistic forms of wildlife tend to show up uninvited and slowly take over people’s property, pushing the original inhabitants out. Crawling and sneaking in through loose roof tiles, damaged siding, and various cracks and holes in the foundation, these intruders make themselves comfortable in our attics, walls, and anywhere else where we can’t get them.

Once inside, they not only can inflict damage and destruction on the building but also put the health and safety of our family at risk. Getting rid of such pests takes time and skill, so many homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area find a more sensible solution by calling specialized wildlife removal services like

Companies like Critter Stop use humane and efficient methods to remove unwanted wildlife, ensuring a secure and pest-free living environment for people.

Top 5 Critters That Make the Worst Trespassers

Before calling professional critter ridders, it is crucial to know which wildlife species qualify as such. Here are the five critters that can make any homeowner’s life, whether in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas, or Tampa Bay, Florida, a living hell:

  • Mice and rats: mice and rats are the #1 culprit in home invasions. These bothersome guests sneak in through tiny holes, damage insulation, cause expensive harm to pipes and wiring, ruin people’s belongings, and pose real health risks by spreading nasty infections.
  • Raccoons: fun to watch in TikTok videos and not so fun to deal with in real life – raccoons easily find their way into people’s homes through roof openings and chimneys. Upon entering, these creatures get busy damaging wood, vents, and insulation. They transmit parasites like roundworms and rabies.
  • Bats: sneaky and quiet, bats can live in our attics for years. While one bat is not a big deal, it becomes dangerous when the colony grows since bats’ droppings can carry a harmful fungus that leads to histoplasmosis, whose symptoms include respiratory problems, headaches, and sometimes blindness.
  • Skunks: people’s main issue with skunks is their foul odor that can linger for weeks or months. Another good reason to keep skunks away from our homes is that they bring diseases and parasites like rabies and distemper, which can harm humans and kill pets.
  • Birds: birds’ invasion can cause massive attic damage that will require costly restorations. They also spread diseases through droppings and can infect people with histoplasmosis, candidiasis, E.coli, and more.

While it is not a big worry if any of these animals alone accidentally find their way into our house, things can get troublesome when they all come together or in groups.

A Humane Way to Evict Unwelcome Intruders

While having critters like rats, raccoons, skunks, bats, and birds invading our home is unsettling, it is simply unacceptable to use removal methods that cause animals unnecessary harm, suffering, or distress. When faced with an infestation, it is best to invite humane wildlife removal services like Critter Stop, who will prioritize both people’s safety and the well-being of these creatures.

Originally posted 2023-08-25 20:24:51.