Kristi Nowrouzi – Author, Financial Coach, Podcast Host – is Next Guest on The Crossman Conversation

WINTER PARK — Entrepreneur Kristi Nowrouzi is in the business of helping homebuyers purchase their dream home along with teaching people how to master their money. She’s John Crossman’s next guest on The Crossman Conversation Saturday, Aug. 26.

Nowrouzi, an experienced sales professional with an extensive background in real estate is a loan officer for nationwide mortgage lender Geneva Financial in Altamonte Springs. She specializes in helping first-time homebuyers with the largest financial decision of their lives.

She has a master’s degree in Executive Management and is an award-winning Certified Credit Specialist, Certified Financial Educator and host of her own podcast, Credit Counseling by Kristi. She also serves on two non-profit boards and as the emcee for the Central Florida Christian Chamber luncheons. Her second book: Finish Financially Free was just released August 15.

“Kristi is a servant leader who has leveraged all her success and talent to make a difference in the community,” Crossman said. “You’ll want to hear how she does it and gain some insight as well.”

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Kristi Nowrouzi, Branch Manager, Geneva Financial LLC 407-590-4682 [email protected] #finishfinanciallyfree #creditkristi #creditcoachingbykristi

John Crossman, CEO, Crossman Career Builders / Crossmarc Services, 407-794-9393 [email protected] or [email protected]

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Originally posted 2023-08-22 20:29:11.