Tampa Bay Innovation Center Selects Startups for Artificial Intelligence Accelerator Featuring Tools & Techniques to Accelerate Enterprise Adoption of AI

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – (August 21, 2023) – This week, the Tampa Bay Innovation Center, a technology incubator, accelerator, and coworking office, kicks off its most recent accelerator program for scalable startup ventures.  This cohort will focus specifically on teams developing innovation that embraces the emerging capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Over the course of the program, founders of these companies will receive specific training and mentoring in customer discovery, product strategy, investor readiness, and market validation.

“Wrangling legacy data can be the big unlock for companies looking to gain a competitive advantage in their industry,” said Ken Evans, managing director of the accelerator program. “With the emergence of powerful tools in AI and machine learning, enterprises can start to leverage these capabilities, but only if they can access usable data. Startups that are building the picks and shovels that enable companies to embrace AI will be the primary focus of this program.”

The accelerator, which is technology and industry-agnostic, is tailored to startups with B2B business models and a value proposition that appeals to F5000 customers.

The startups selected for this AI program include:

  • MetaCommerz – (DE) – Enhancing supply chain resilience
  • Dataplant – (MO) – Automating customer success and revenue predictability
  • Aapya Solutions – (FL) – Computer vision systems for security and inventory control
  • Blue Fusion – (FL) – Platform for simplifying data collection and analysis
  • NoxuData – (NY) – Integrating Large Language Models with legacy enterprise data
  • Cynotect – (TX) – Enhancing cyber security for AI development platforms
  • Subconscious.ai – (NY) – Predicting buyer behavior with automated market research
  • FLUIX – (FL) – Intelligent management of data center energy and cooling systems
  • Archslate – (FL) – Helping the AEC industry with talent management and training
  • Traq.ai – (GA) – Analysis and optimization of sales team performance

TBIC is pleased to announce that ARK Invest, Mach49, Morrow Consultants, and PODS Moving & Storage are among the corporate partners backing this program focused on creating products that advance the adoption of artificial intelligence for businesses.  This support will provide a combination of mentoring, expertise, financial support, and other resources for TBIC and its startups.  “These partnerships will provide a focus on helping startups develop technologies that have real-world applications and impact,” said Tonya Elmore, president & CEO, Tampa Bay Innovation Center

This cohort will operate from mid-August through the end of October. Upon completion of the program, the companies will participate in TBIC’s 7th Innovation Showcase event, which will be held in the newly completed ARK Innovation Center in St. Petersburg. The in-person event will gather an audience of investors, community leaders, media, and potential business partners/customers interested in supporting the innovations developed by these companies.

About Tampa Bay Innovation Center:

Tampa Bay Innovation Center supports entrepreneurial success, fosters the creation of high-tech jobs, and develops new sources of technology and manufacturing capabilities by nurturing early-stage ventures as they grow and launch their products into the marketplace. The Innovation Center offers programs that are tailored to the innovator/entrepreneur and address business intelligence, planning, business formation, strategy execution, and technology transition.

In February of 2022, the Tampa Bay Innovation Center, in partnership with the Federal Economic Development Administration, Pinellas County, and the City of St. Petersburg, began constructing a purpose-built 45,000 sq. ft. startup incubator facility in St. Petersburg. In October of last year, it was announced that ARK Invest partnered with TBIC to be the title sponsor for this facility, now designated as ARK Innovation Center.  The new center will open in Fall 2023.

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