The ArcX Smart Ring: Connectivity and Control at Your Fingertips

St Petersburg, Florida – (June 27, 2023) – The ArcX Smart Ring is a groundbreaking wearable device that redefines the way we interact with technology.

When voice control, gesture and touch are not appropriate means of controlling smartphones and other devices due to environment, clothing, activity or disability this cutting-edge ring empowers users to control all their compatible devices and applications effortlessly.

Developed by ArcX Technology, a UK/US veteran owned start-up, the multi award winning product was originally designed for those who listen to music during exercise but has since proved to have much wider appeal.

ArcX allows users to store their phone in a pocket or backpack while controlling playlists, adjusting volume and skipping tracks simply and easily, on the move, even when wearing gloves. 

Paul Blair CEO said “I was always frustrated when cycling, in the gym and even running with gloves in the winter as I couldn’t easily control my music especially when I wanted a better song to get me through my workout.”

ArcX is a Bluetooth enabled, micro joystick inside a super light (0.3oz) water and shock proof tech module. The patented design enables the module to be swapped among different sized silicone rings or a strap mount and attached to a handlebar, kayak paddle, ski pole or other piece of sports equipment.

ArcX will accept an incoming call with a quick joystick touch and with a five second press makes an outgoing SOS call. If the wearer gets injured rather than fumbling for their phone, or in a personal security situation where reaching for a phone might escalate the situation, this SOS function will automatically send an SMS at the same time with a Google map link based on the phone’s geolocation.

The ArcX App is free for both Android and iOS phones and provides a host of customizable options and additional features. The App allows the outgoing SOS call and SMS to be customized so that family and friends’ numbers can be called instead of the default emergency services.

The tech boasts an impressive 20 day stand by battery with five days of normal use from a one-hour charge time, plus it’s waterproof to IP67 standard so it can be used in the pool or at the beach.

ArcX is hugely versatile. It can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device to act as a ‘hands free’ controller for sports cameras and wireless speakers. ArcX will also control smart watches, TVs, AR/VR headsets, smart glasses, timing systems and home gym equipment.

As a one-handed controller ArcX it’s proving really useful for those with certain injuries and disabilities. Jaco Van Gass, a world and paralympic champion cyclist said “It’s a brilliant concept. ArcX is easy to set up, easy to use and does what it needs to.”

The ArcX demo video is here.

ArcX are on sale now at $64.50 from the company’s website

Originally posted 2023-06-27 22:26:15.